Hire Me

Hire me, yo.

I know that, sometimes, it seems as if all I do is sit here in my pajamas and blog for Freelancedom, but I actually make my money in other ways, and I’d love to provide those same services to you.

As mentioned on my “about” page, I’m a sex writer. Over the years, I’ve collaborated with a number of sex counselors, educators, activists, and researchers, helping them build their brands through quality content marketing. I co-authored an ebook, 52 Weeks of Amazing Sex, with sex counselor Ian Kerner. I collaborated with a sex researcher and an MD to ghostwrite another ebook, on intimacy after a cancer diagnosis. I’ve also ghostwritten blog posts and longer essays, and edited content, for a number of other sexual health experts.

Are you a mental health professional with a focus on sexual health? I’d love to work with you to create the type of word glitter that will help you build your brand and your business, and bring in even more clients. Contact me if you’re interested in having me:

  • collaborate on a book or ebook, either as a co-author or ghostwriter
  • put together a strong book proposal, with which to approach agents and/or publishers
  • generate blog posts or website content
  • edit already-existing content
  • help you map out your perfect marketing platform

In addition to the sexual health content I create, I am also a:

  • copy editor and proofreader, with experience marking up copy for book publishers, newspapers, magazines, and corporate clients. I am familiar with Associated Press, AP, and Chicago styles, and have also worked with company-specific style guidelines.
  • writer/blogger specializing in sex, dating, relationships, career transitions, entrepreneurship, and freelancing.
  • career coach, and the founder of Career Coaching for Word Nerds. I’m available to those looking to find their way through the publishing industry, and to those looking to build a successful freelance career or at-home business.

If you’re interested in hiring me, and would like to know more about rates, services, and the like, go ahead and e-mail me!