Call For Human Guinea Pigs!

Hey guys! As I’m only one small picture of what freelancedom looks like (and my, what a messy picture it is), I’m thinking of introducing a new Thursday feature to the blog.

In an attempt to forge connections and share others’ infinite wisdom with readers, I’d like to start interviewing all you freelancers and small business owners out there.

The final interview post would include links to your site, photos of or links to product examples and, if you’re willing, some shots of your home office.

If you’re interested in submitting to my silly and not-so-silly questions, leave a comment here, or e-mail me!


  1. Steph,
    I’ll be your guinea pig! I used to have a similar feature on Wednesdays called “5 Q’s.” It was super-helpful for me and my readers, but I eventually needed a break and felt that my readers had gotten the gist.

  2. Hi Steph,

    I don’t mind being a guinea pig as well. I’m an American freelance writer and copywriter living in Europe.


  3. Hi again,

    Wanted to post again as I just realized my web server is down. You can contact me at the following two places for now. Thanks!


  4. I’ve never given this a try, but I think it’s about time I do.


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