Words of Wisdom: Getting Your Ass In Gear

From Michelle Goodman’s My So-Called Freelance Life:

“Take a page from Molly Crabapple and get your friends in on the act: ‘For big, long-term goals, I’ve found loudly bragging about what I’m going to do makes me do it,’ says the award-winning illustrator… ‘Otherwise, I have to face the humiliation of public failure.’ (Talk about incentive.)”


  1. Eek! I never brag about anything until it’s done. I feel like I need privacy and time to think without too much outside input when working on something really important. When I’m convinced I’m doing well at something, that’s when I start to talk about it. I can’t stand the idea of people knowing about every ace up my sleeve.

    But, I can definitely understand how it works for some people. Kudos to them for being pressure junkies 🙂

  2. This is true with almost everything, from starting a workout regiment to going on a diet. Accountability is a great tool to utilize if you need to make a change somewhere. The best people to tell are your close friends who will rib you if you get out of line. The only down side is an uber hurt ego if you fail.

  3. Ohhh…especially with the diet thing. God help me, I’ve been posting about a new weight loss experiment for the whole world to see.

  4. @JR: I totally know how you feel, though i have to go with Sal on this one. He’s hit it right on the head: accountability. It’s the reason Weight Watchers works so well!

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