How-To: Work Through the Weekend


Last weekend, I spent the bulk of my time copy editing a manuscript. I have to be honest…it made me feel a little guilty, especially after the revelations of this post.

But sometimes, deadlines are deadlines and, if you’re prone to burning out quickly during the week, it sometimes helps to stretch out tasks into the weekend.

And so, as a counterpoint to my blissful weekend of slacking off, I present some tips for working through the weekend:

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Coffee Break: Working on the Weekend

We haven’t had a nice, long coffee break in awhile here.

I wanted to tell you about last weekend.

My husband left on Thursday night to hang with some old college friends for a few days. He wasn’t slated to come back until Sunday. I decided to use this time as a vacation for myself, and it ended up being the first time in awhile that I didn’t spend my weekend working.

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