Coffee Break: Home Ec for Entrepreneurs

coffee break

Earlier this week, Jezebel had this interesting post, in which the writers tried to recall what bits of knowledge they had actually retained from early-childhood home ec classes.

They went on to ponder what sort of knowledge they would have actually benefited from.

I don’t believe I retained anything from my home ec classes, but if I had to draw up a new syllabus, I’d insist upon including lessons that would have left me far more business-savvy.  While even 9-to-5ers would benefit from basic finance tips, us self-employed tips require even more knowledge on how to handle the business end of things.

So many of us leave our full-time jobs wanting to make money doing what we love. Doing what we love is the easy part. Transforming our hobbies into legitimate businesses: not so much.

What do you wish you’d learned way back when?


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