My 5 Favorite Things In: Get a Freelance Life

I’ve been using MediaBistro since, like, forever so, when they put out a book for freelancers (and for freelance writing in particular), I totally jumped on that. That was a couple years ago, and it still maintains an important spot on my resource shelf. After the jump, my 5 favorite things about Margit Feury Ragland’s Get a Freelance Life.

1. Helpful Interviews With Other Freelance Professionals: These include Q&As that touch upon setting up your own website, conducting research, etc.

2. Setting Up Your Own Office: Get a Freelance Life goes through the ABCs of settling into work at home, including a “peek inside a successful freelancer’s office.”

3. Networking: Have you exhausted all of your networking possibilities? Not likely. Ragland reminds you of all the people you never thought would be worth talking to.

4. Writer-Specific Tips: This isn’t directly relevant to all of you, but the lessons learned here can be applied to other fields of work. MB’s book goes into the research you should conduct on a publication before pitching. It delves into the different types of articles you could try writing. Discusses the terms in writers’ contracts. Goes into the nitty-gritty of interviewing tactics.

5. Resource Section: This is always my favorite part, and MB doesn’t skimp. The book’s resource section includes journalism news sources, job sites, companies offering insurance to freelancers, and more.

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