Product Placement: Slippers

I know I just did up this whole post on maintaining professional decorum, but I’m now feeling distracted by the extreme comfort I’m feeling at my slippered feet.

I received three — count ’em, three — pairs of slippers for Christmas, including the pair pictured above.

And I wish you all the same good fortune. Because, when you work from home, why not be comfortable? (And warm…very, very warm…)

The other pair I’m loving to bits? These:

They’re lined with fleece. Jealous much?

They no longer seem to be available at Old Navy, but there is no shortage of shops selling similarly-designed at-home footwear. Here are a few pairs from Zappos alone:

[$61, Zappos]

[$42.95, Zappos]

[$87.95, Zappos]


  1. OMG – are those from I love them.

  2. They are indeed. Aside from the “Brave Sir Robin” song, the killer bunny was also my favorite part of the Holy Grail.

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