So You’re a Freelancer. Do You Still Need a Resume?

I’ve always been a cover/query letter junkie. My freshman year of college, I learned from my most favorite professor of all time that all resumes looked the same. It was the cover letter that set you apart.

So when I fled the corporate world five years ago to freelance full-time, I was relieved. Finally, I thought. I can toss that resume into my virtual recycle bin.

But I was wrong.

First I needed a resume for that post-college internship I decided to take on so as to beef up my portfolio and build my network.

Then I needed a resume for that permalance gig I applied to so as to beef up my income.

And I’ve needed a resume so many times since then, even for the smallest of projects.

What can I say? Some clients are traditionalists. The query letter / online portfolio / blog / social media awesomeness / online empire doesn’t do it for them.

Unfortunately, my resume was a snore.

That’s where Jenny Foss came in. [Read more…]