Product Placement: Support Entrepreneurs… and Look Good Doing It

You may have noticed that, recently, I put a pretty, pretty new banner ad up in my sidebar for something called Sweat EquiTees. While I typically wouldn’t advertise for apparel on Freelancedom (despite the fact that “shopping for pretty things” is totally at the top of my my top 5 list of favorite hobbies), Sweat EquiTees is different. Their mission is directly aligned with that of Freelancedom, and with everything I’ve been trying to do with my career lately.

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Product Placement: Angry Journalists Wear Their Hearts on Their Sleeves

At the end of last week, I posted about end times for journalism. But the truth is, the lot of us can be cranky even when there is work to be had, and AngryJournalist is always willing to let you know why.

After the jump, some Ts from her shop, that allow all you bitter journalists out there to wear your heart on your sleeve.

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Product Placement: The Resume T-Shirt

resume t-shirt.

If you’re interested in practicing a rather…exhibitionistic form of guerrilla self-marketing, there’s nothing like wearing your expertise on your sleeve. Literally.

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