Product Placement: Friend of the Cluttered Freelancer

clean workspace.

I’ve written about BlueLounge products several times before over at the Modern Materialist: here, here, and here. That’s because their products belie an invested interest in making our lives easier, mostly by attacking clutter at its root.

I already own the Cableyoyo ($4.95).


I use it for my headphones, but it can really be used to get any one, pesky wire out of the way.

Since ordering my Cableyoyo, however, BlueLounge has also come out with the SpaceStation ($79.95) and the Sanctuary ($129.95).

space station.

The SpaceStation is an extended desk organizer for your laptop. There is a rubber pad on top top, on which to rest your keyboard, and the station is angled just so, to allow for ergonomic keyboard handling and a flow of air underneath your machine.


space station.

In addition, the underside has a 4-port USB hub and internal coiling pins for all of your wires. Back on top, there is a special slot for business cards and a page holder for keeping working papers upright.

The Sanctuary, meanwhile, is a universal charger compatible with over 1,500 devices that also manages to keep all your wires out of the way.


Check out their site for more info, and sign up for their newsletter. Lord knows what they’ll come out with next.

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