Product Placement: The Wall Above My Desk

[$179, JCPenney]

I’ve been going back and forth over how to fill the empty wall space above my desk, and I finally decided that I’d like a bulletin board/wall organizer.

The best one I’ve found? The one above, which comes with an iPod dock for charging, 4 USB connectors, and…I think those are speakers!

It’s already come down $20 since I posted about it on MM last week! I’ve been tight for money since Christmas, but am wondering if I should leap.

Product Placement: Magazine Filing

[$21.95, Crate & Barrel]

On December 31, I posted a New Year’s resolution over at Modern Materialist, wherein I vowed to start pitching again. At the moment, my goal is to have 10 pitches out at any given moment (setting a specific goal is so helpful; Rachel Rose over at Notes on a Whim is doing the same thing).

I’m already up to five, so I’m feeling good about things. But I have to admit, my collection of magazine back issues has dwindled considerably, mostly because my filing system for them was crap, so I had to recycle, recycle, recycle.

I’d like to set up a new system for keeping the back issues I so often refer to when pitching. After the jump, some pretty-as-heck magazine files:

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Product Placement: Have the Neatest Desk Around

I had the pleasure of receiving a (temporary) sample of a high-ticket item to review over at Modern Materialist. As I feel that the NeatDesk is one primo toy for the at-home entrepreneur, I’ve pasted the bulk of my test drive post after the jump.

Read on for all the fun I had with this high-tech information management system/high-speed scanner.

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Product Placement: Desk Caddies

[$89, Room Service Home]

I’m a huge fan of organizational products, which is why I spend so much time in the Container Store, skipping from aisle to aisle, breathless with excitement and drooling over cabinets and bulletin boards.

(My runners-up? Staples and HomeGoods.)

Sometimes, though, I want the luxury version of my typical office supplies.

Which is why I’m currently hyperventilating over the desk caddies above, available from lustable online shop Room Service Home.

Product Placement: Pretty Paperclips

paper clips.

During my time as a Modern Materialista, I’ve continued to find office products that I may not need, but sorta want anyway.

‘Cause they’re pretty. Or clever. Or shiny. Or sparkly.

I like these paper clips from See Jane Work ($6) because they’re whimsical and colorful, while still being practical. Check out your options after the jump:

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Product Placement: Task Clips Remember So You Don’t Have To


I’ve always thought that the best part of going back to school was back-to-school shopping.

When I eventually left the classroom behind for the office, things barely changed.

Forget the office supply closet. I brought in my own office supplies, even going so far as to lug in my own, higher-quality three-hole punch.

Now that I have a home office, I feel that my office supplies have no bounds.

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Product Placement: Friend of the Cluttered Freelancer

clean workspace.

I’ve written about BlueLounge products several times before over at the Modern Materialist: here, here, and here. That’s because their products belie an invested interest in making our lives easier, mostly by attacking clutter at its root.

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