Join My Quasi-Secret Word Nerd Facebook Group Maybe?

Hey guys. This totally doesn’t count as this week’s actual blog post, but I just wanted to let y’all know that I’ve created a quasi-secret Facebook group for word nerds.

Basically, it’s an invite-only Facebook group I’m using as a testing ground for features that will eventually appear on the still-being-developed Word Nerd Networking site.

I’m also hoping it will become a fun, virtual hangout for all my fellow word nerds, where we can chat about what we’re working on, share project leads, show off our home offices, post about freelance resources, and more.

I’d love to invite all of you — as you’re the most fantastic writers I know — but I can only invite people with whom I’m already Facebook friends. So if you’re interested in joining the party, connect with me here, and then shoot me a message that mentions you’re itching to get into the Word Nerd Networking Facebook group. Include a link to your online profile, so I can confirm you’re a working writer. I’ve previously kept my word nerdy life separate from my Facebook life, but THE WALLS MUST COME DOWN.

Once you’ve gained entrance to the group, you can feel free to post about any ol’ word nerdy thing you can think of, or even upload photos of your home office and/or other word nerdy product. (You’ll see I already have a pic up there of me with my “reading is sexy” mug.)

And… that’s that! You may carry on with your tweeting and your Spider Solitaire-ing now. 🙂

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PSA: Steph Auteri Gets Around

It’s been a crazy couple of months. I (ghost)wrote an ebook in six weeks, and am just now wrapping up editing. During that time, I haven’t done much else. (Though I did see a train wreck of a Debbie Gibson / Tiffany concert that was definitely something… special.) Now, I’m heading up to a B+B in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for a wedding / long weekend. Brewery-hopping and kayaking may occur.

We’ll be back to business as usual upon my return — which includes the long-awaited book club post on The Wealthy Freelancer and the latest edition of Word Nerd News — but, before that happens, I wanted to leave you with a roundup of where I’ve been around the web.

Because, well, it seems I accomplished something other than this monster ebook project.

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PSA: Steph Auteri Has Finally Gone Rogue

My new, improved head shot with my new, improved boobs (I was a late bloomer).

Over the past four years, you’ve revealed your fears to me regarding freelancing. You’ve talked about money issues. You’ve talked about health insurance. You’ve talked about the fear of failure. You’ve talked about self-doubt.

And I totally get all of those.

I, in turn, have always held the opinion that freelancing doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. You can write in the evenings, after coming home from your full-time job. You can supplement a part-time retail gig with a handful of copy editing projects. You can go permalance, or you can go whole hog. The right balance is different for everyone.

For me, the right balance was always a mix of part-time permalance, supplemented by a handful of other writing and copy editing projects.

Still, at times, I had an underlying feeling that my permalance gigs were holding me back. They were taking up the majority of the time, and at less than ideal rates. They were keeping me from really giving my other business pursuits my all. Sure, there was the promise of a regular paycheck. But could I possibly make more money without the security?

A couple of months ago, I decided to find out.

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I’m Hiring Bloggers For YourTango’s LoveMom Blog!

Most of you already know that I work part-time at YourTango, editing blog posts, putting together the daily newsletter, handling freelancer contracts and invoice, steering the company’s Twitter strategy, and acting as intern coordinator. (Yup! All that just three days a week!)

I also manage the site’s parenting blog: LoveMom. Not offering up your typical parenting advice, LoveMom instead presents personal narratives on how having children can affect our love relationships, and our sense of self.

At the moment, I have three regular bloggers. And I’m looking for more. If LoveMom sounds right up your writing alley — and if you think you could commit to writing one post a week — do e-mail me. I’d love to see some writing samples, and learn more about your parenting journey… your attempts to get preggers… your thoughts on moms in the news…

Want to familiarize yourself with LoveMom first? Here are some of my favorite posts (I’ve included many of my own because I am conceited):

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YourTango Is Looking for an Editorial Intern. Want To Be Office Besties?

While it would be really groovy to have my own editorial intern, I don’t know that I would even know what to do with one. I have a hard time letting go of my work (being the perfectionist control freak that I am), and have always sucked at delegating.

Yet somehow, I ended up as the intern coordinator at YourTango.

On the one hand, it’s overwhelming: the posting of job ads, the weeding through of application letters, the interviews, the hiring, the training, and the managing…

On the other hand, it sort of reminds me of coaching. I get the chance to talk to those just starting out about their goals and dreams, and then I try to build an internship experience for them that will help them achieve that.

p.s. I’ve been told that I’m fabulous to work with.

So if you’re looking for experience at a web magazine, or looking to build up your portfolio (or both!), check out the editorial intern ad after the jump… or pass this post along to all you friends!

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PSA: A Facebook Fan Page and Guest Posts Galore

It’s been a bit quiet here at Freelancedom, aside from the occasional service piece, and a handful of biz-related announcements. Why? I’ve been preparing for my 5 Weeks to Freelance Awesome e-course: pitching guest posts, drawing up the lesson plans, building up the platform. I’m on the home stretch with an e-book I’ve been working on with Ian Kerner since last year. I’ve been looking at houses and trying to make babies. And dude. I have been all over this here Internet.

If you’ve been dying for a fix of Steph Auteri awesomeness (and of course you have), here are a few new places where you can get it.

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PSA: 5 Weeks To Freelance Awesome Still Awesome

Last week, I ran a contest here at Freelancedom, in which I asked you guys to share your number one freelance roadblock in order to be entered for the chance to win a free spot in my upcoming e-course: 5 Weeks To Freelance Awesome. The variety of responses I received made me even more excited for the course, and not because I sadistically enjoy watching others struggle. Rather, it quickly became obvious to me how much we could all learn and benefit from each other’s experiences, and I couldn’t wait to help each and every one of you.

I chose a contest winner at random over the weekend (congrats Susan!), but I wanted to remind you that, through August 17, you still have the chance to enroll at a deeply discounted price. After that, it’s back to regular price. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you have about the schedule, platform, pricing, etc.

I hope to see many of you in my virtual classroom this fall. We have so much to talk about!

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My New Web Platform Has Launched!

You guys. I’m so excited I could puke. Last night, my (darling, beloved, uber-talented, handsome) husband put the finishing touches on my new web platform, and then set it to go live. Ever since then, I’ve been gazing at it lovingly, clicking between the different tabs and feeling giddy.

I tasked my husband with this project back in the fall, when I first entered my career coaching certification program. My professional site was feeling a bit out of date, and I wanted a more comprehensive platform that would present me as a writer, editor, and coach in a fairly seamless manner. Voila. Would you like the grand tour?

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Job Hopping for Word Nerds: An Ebook-in-Progress

Hey there guys — I need your help. Here’s the story: I’m working on an ebook. It’s called Job Hopping for Word Nerds, and I’m writing it with the intention of creating a go-to resource for those interested in finding work within the publishing industry…anywhere in the publishing industry. I plan on including descriptions of the positions available in book publishing, magazines, newspapers, etc. More importantly, I want to create a monster resource manual, filled with links to professional organizations, databases, job sites, blogs, powerful tweeps, and more. In short: I have a vision. 🙂 The resource appendices of self-help books have typically been my favorite part of said books, and that’s what I want to focus on here.

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Career Coaching for Word Nerds: And We Have Liftoff…

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You guys! Two weeks ago, I announced the launch of my career coaching practice, Career Coaching for Word Nerds. To kick things off, I held a contest here on my blog, so that two lucky readers could win a month’s worth of career coaching, completely gratis.

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