Product Placement: Magazine Filing

[$21.95, Crate & Barrel]

On December 31, I posted a New Year’s resolution over at Modern Materialist, wherein I vowed to start pitching again. At the moment, my goal is to have 10 pitches out at any given moment (setting a specific goal is so helpful; Rachel Rose over at Notes on a Whim is doing the same thing).

I’m already up to five, so I’m feeling good about things. But I have to admit, my collection of magazine back issues has dwindled considerably, mostly because my filing system for them was crap, so I had to recycle, recycle, recycle.

I’d like to set up a new system for keeping the back issues I so often refer to when pitching. After the jump, some pretty-as-heck magazine files:

[$27, See Jane Work]

[$18, See Jane Work]

[$18, See Jane Work]

[$17.50, See Jane Work]


  1. I love the items from See Jane Work! I subscribe to entirely too many magazines and even if I had a good filing system (which I don’t), I still wouldn’t have space for them. So instead I rely on the local library. Any magazines that they get and I subscribe to, I read the issue and recycle it, because I know I can refer to back issues at the library if need be. Not the most conveniennt option, but it does help with clutter.

  2. @Susan: See Jane Work has the best and the prettiest office supplies!

    I’m also a serial magazine subscriber. At the moment, I’m subscribed to eight mags (I think). I used to keep at least six back issues on hand, but now I just keep the two most recent.

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