Product Placement: The Wall Above My Desk

[$179, JCPenney]

I’ve been going back and forth over how to fill the empty wall space above my desk, and I finally decided that I’d like a bulletin board/wall organizer.

The best one I’ve found? The one above, which comes with an iPod dock for charging, 4 USB connectors, and…I think those are speakers!

It’s already come down $20 since I posted about it on MM last week! I’ve been tight for money since Christmas, but am wondering if I should leap.


  1. That is just about the niftiest wall organizer since furniture was invented. Trust me, I am tempted to move on it too for my new apartment!

    As a regular JCPenney online shopper, I urge you to look for an online coupon before buying using one of those coupon code sites (I am blanking on the one I’ve used in the past right now.) They always have either 15% or free shipping offers going on!

  2. LOVE it!! Maybe I’ll have to invest for my new apartment.

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