Public Service Announcement

Despite not being the most tech-savvy person around, I’ve been working this weekend to deal with some of my theme’s design quirks. With the magic of plugins, and my husband’s web design capabilities, I’ve managed to make some changes that I hope you’ll like.

On the side of pure aesthetics, Michael has managed to give me a border around my content, a background pattern, and a little bit more color. I’d appreciate your input, in the comments of this post, as to whether these design changes are a positive thing, or whether things such as the background image make things too busy.

I’ve also updated up “About” page, so that there is an actual photo of me in place of the giant apples that were already there, and additional information on how to connect with me via Twitter.

Back to the main page. You’ll notice, in the sidebar, that I’ve added an option to subscribe to this blog via e-mail updates. There are also links, farther down in the sidebar, to the most popular posts on Freelancedom.

Within posts, you’ll also be able to subscribe to comments, and also bookmark favorite posts on your social bookmarking site of choice (hint, hint).

I’d love to hear what you think of these changes, and would also welcome feedback on what you feel is missing from Freelancedom. Many thanks!


  1. It looks good. The only thing I looked for and didn’t see is a link to the rss feed. Did I miss it?

  2. Let me pause to slap myself on my forehead. I’ve just added a button for RSS feeds near the top of the sidebar. Now if only I could figure out why the “RSS Feeds” title appears below it rather than above it…

    Thanks Syd!

  3. omg yes i did it!!!

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