PSA: There’s A New Cat In Town

Hello all! I’d like to apologize for missing a day of posting. As you can see, I was a bit distracted. Over the weekend, Michael and I adopted Lusa, a sweet little girl who is nevertheless able to strike fear into the hearts of my 8-year-olds, Gizmo and Mercutio. And so, the weekend was a mishmash of hissing, territorial spraying, despondency, and my own feelings of guilt and self-doubt. Ain’t she cute, though?

It’s good to know that, as an awesome self-employed person, the world doesn’t end when distractions pop up. Life is more flexible now. It’s a huge part of why I started moving toward freelancedom in the first place. I wanted to eventually maintain my work while raising children.

What have you been able to fit into your life now that the boss of you is…you?


  1. Oh my goodness! You got a new kitty and she’s absolutely precious. I want to meet her soon.

  2. Lusa is precious! Congrats. I’m hoping to make the transition to home office soon and I dream of the long walks in the early afternoon to recharge my work/writing day. Good on you for making things happen amidst all the beautiful chaos.

    Cheers ~ Kat

  3. @alicia: I need to get some good photos and send pictures to the whole Scenic Drive crew.

    @kat: Thanks! And yes, having the flexibility to take a real break during the day (rather than a rushed business lunch) is priceless. Everyone should be taking more walks during the course of the day, even if just to briefly stretch their legs.

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