The Infinite Wisdom of Others: Kristine Brite

The teeny-tiny person pictured above is Kristine Brite,a freelance writer and blogger over at teleTwenties, and our next interview subject. (She also featured me on her site yesterday.)

As always, do e-mail me if you’re interested in being interviewed next. And now, Kristine’s words of wisdom:

1. First of all, please explain to our readers what your freelance business is, and how much of your time you devote to it.

Like most freelancers, I have a bunch of projects going in at once. I submit articles to Associated Content and eHow. I also use Textbroker, Get a Freelancer, eLance, and forums to find side projects.

I devote a lot of times to two new blogging projects. Overall, I probably spend 20-30 hours a week on my freelance projects.

2. Why did you choose this particular set-up for your freelance business?

I’m a new freelancer. I was a newspaper reporter after college, and about six months ago fell into an online position that didn’t involve writing. I found I loved telecommuting, but missed writing. So, now I’m trying to use any spare time to advance myself on the path of becoming a full-time freelancer.

3. Why did you decide to freelance in general? What drew you to this type of work?

I hate having a boss looking over my shoulder. While clients are my ultimate boss, I love the flexibility of picking projects I think sound interesting. I also enjoy the flexibility. I can work a crazy 80-hour week one week and, another week, if something comes up, I can take it easy.

4. How do you see your business growing in the future?

With the amount of content needed online, I think freelancers will be in demand. I’ve been told reputedly becoming a freelance writer is next to impossible, but I’m hoping to do so. And Steph proves it is possible!

I’d love to become start my own public relations business. I have the newspaper background and some experience working as a public relations contractor.

5. What are your favorite resources for the burgeoning professionals in their 20s?

I’ve been searching for good resources, as a lot of freelance sites and forums are geared to other populations. This is one reason I started my blog, teleTwenties. I think MediaBistro is a great site for our generation.

I also think that joining the plethora of social networking sites is important, but it can be frustrating to keep up with all my various accounts.

I love visiting blogs and have a huge list of several I visit.

I’d like to share two new job boards I found with your readers: Lime Exchange is like eLance, and has some jobs listed, and Writer’s Access is so new I’m still trying to figure out what direction they’re taking. But I think that getting in at the beginning is important to making a name for yourself at sites like these. We’ll see if they pan out!

6. What are the toughest aspects of freelancing, and how do you deal with them?

Lately, my toughest battle has been a new puppy. At first, I felt guilty caging him while I was at home. Eventually, I broke down and realized I needed to treat my work day like I was going to work, so I started caging him while working.

Another difficulty has been the distraction of family and friends calling or showing up, ignoring the work part of my work at home life. I’ve been patiently reminding them that I do indeed have a “real” job, and just hope that one day they get the picture.

7. If you could purchase anything for your home office, what would it be?

I’d love to purchase an assistant to do all of the mundane duties!

8. What are some dream jobs you’d consider if you had your druthers?

As a former newspaper reporter, I’d love to be an overseas correspondent for the New York Times or another large paper.

To get a taste of Kristine’s work, check out her two blogs — teleTwenties and three times a bridesmaid. You can also read more from her over at Associated Content.

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