Product Placement: My Xmas Wish List

[$15, Old Navy]

I know that I just wrote about doing without, but I can’t help myself. I have a wish list every Christmas, and this year is no different. And besides. It’s Product Placement Tuesday (for at least four more hours, anyway).

After the jump, some business-related gifts I wouldn’t mind receiving, like the slipper boots above, which would keep my tootsies nice and toasty whilst working from home. Leave your own wish list items in the comments!

[$11.33, Amazon]

A book on “how to get ahead, save your ass, and land a job in any economy.”

[$96.94, Amazon]

The best backpack for your gadgetry. I’d be much less averse to carrying my D40X around if I had this on hand.

[$19.79, Amazon]

Lifehacker is already a huge presence in my Google Reader. I wouldn’t mind a reference book on “working smarter, faster, better” to mark up.

[$11.20, Amazon]

I am such a sucker for these career-oriented self-help books.


An awesome thesaurus/dictionary/glossary hybrid. Only available used, apparently. Recommended in Spunk & Bite.

[$13.57, Amazon]

Because who wouldn’t want a four-hour work week!?


I’d like to be signed up for eFax, Freelance Success, and this career coaching certification program.

I know! That’s why it’s called a wish list


  1. You know, I scroll through your list and it seems a lot like mine. Mostly books and a few other odds and ends. You can always tell a great writer and leader by the books that they read. If you look at any great leader or successful person in a given industry, they always have a rather large reading habit.

  2. @Sal: Oh, I’m a total booktard. My bookcase is filled with books on freelancing and writing and whatnot (plus a little bit of everything else). My parents taught me to love reading from an early age, and I got the riding bug almost as early (bad poetry-writing by the age of 5). I’m a strong believer in the idea that you can’t be a great writer without being an equally voracious reader.

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