PSA: See My Guest Post Over at TwiTip

Hey there guys. Check me out over at Darren Rowse’s TwiTip. My guest post — 8 Twitter Networking Tips: From Online to In-the-Flesh — is up. This is relevant to you guys too!

And to everyone visiting from TwiTip, welcome! ::waves:: I hope you find my Freelancedom posts at least somewhat helpful. 🙂


  1. Hey Steph, long time no see. The guest post looks great! Sorry I haven’t been around in a while. Don’t mind me, going back through the archives so you may see some comments pop up here and there 🙂

    P.S. Love the business card!

  2. @Sal: aaahaha…I read your comeback post on burning out. I’ve been feeling it a bit lately myself. Sometimes, the work that pays has to take higher precedence than the labor of love and, well, after that’s done, oftentimes, you have nothing left in you.

    And thanks! I had my husband design my business card to match (which he also put together for me).

  3. True, food is an important aspect in life, especially when your wife is pregnant 😉

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