Link Love: September 18

Ah…the end of another rollercoaster of a week. On the frustrating end, I’ve continued to get mixed signals from a client who doesn’t know what he wants, forcing me to consider walking away forever. On the more exciting end, I’ve decided to recast the ebook I’ve been working in into a book proposal, and plan to send it around to agents by the end of the month (someone: threaten me with an awful punishment so that I don’t flake out). Plus, I have pieces coming out in both Time Out NY and NY Press in the coming weeks, and I’ve finally received my starting materials for my career coaching certification program (!!!). Oh, and I’m about leave on a trip to South Jersey, which will serve as both vacation and research trip as my husband and I visit a number of wineries in both the Atlantic City and Cape May areas. Whee!

Before I go, though, here’s this week’s link love:


  1. Thanks so much for the link love, Steph! Good luck with the book proposal, too. That’s fantastic. Hmm… would an awful punishment be posting something like “Stephanie Auteri didn’t make her deadline” as a headline on my blog? 🙂

  2. Good luck with the book proposal and congratulations on pretty much the rest of the post! Also, thank you for bringing that Village Voice article into my life. It’s wonderful.

  3. @Jesaka: Oh my god, you should totally do that. You should write a post about setting deadlines for yourself, and make that the headline. Um…I think I need to get to work.

    @Samantha: That Village Voice article articulated so much of the frustration I sometimes feel myself. I love helping other people out. It’s why I want to go into coaching. But there’s a wrong and a right way to ask for help.

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