Freelancing and Yoga Go Together Like… Nutella and Pound Cake

I can't even do the pose pictured on my shirt without falling over.

Those of you who have been reading Freelancedom for awhile may have noticed a shift in tone recently.

Part of this has been due to a shift in focus, and in changing goals. Part of it has been due to the emotional/mental shift that comes with improved work/life balance, and with more consistent income (alleluia!).

But a big part of that shift has come from the fact that I now hit up my local yoga studio four to five days a week.

Is that crazy? Maybe. But I’ve come to realize that freelancing and yoga go together like Nutella and pound cake.

Let me explain. When I go to my morning and lunchtime yoga classes, I’m simultaneously pumped up for productivity and made more relaxed despite freelance-related stress. When I go to my evening class, focusing on the poses and meditating in savasana help me turn off my brain before bedtime. Yoga also helps me stretch out the muscles that perpetually ache after hours at the computer. And I’m healthier: mentally and physically. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good without the help of mood-stabilizing medication.

In fact, yoga has become such a big part of my life that I plan on entering a teacher training program in January 2013. Yoga won’t supplant writing and editing and coaching and singing, but it will become a big part of the mix.

But I know you came here to talk writing. And entrepreneurship. And the freelance life.

Still, I feel that there are a lot of writer-yogis out there, so I thought you might find this interesting.

Basically, to give the rest of you non-yogis a break, I’ve created a Tumblr on which I will now gush about everything yoga. It’s called OMmygod, and I think it’s OMazing (stop rolling your eyes).

Interesting, yoga-related links? Got it.

Fun, funny, and just-plain amazing yoga comics, photos, and videos? You bet.

A picture of me in headstand? Yes. I’ve allowed that to go out into the world.

Also, I’ve been kicking around the idea of planning a yoga/writing retreat for word nerds. Would any of you be interested in that? Let me know, and we can chat about making it the retreat you’ve been dreaming of.

Anyways. Yoga has changed my mindset, and I’ll continue bringing that new sensibility to my Freelancedom posts. I hope you don’t mind. But with this new outlet, I’m hoping I can keep things — dare I say it? — balanced.

How has your freelance focus shifted over the past few years?

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  1. I hear you about the connection between freelancing and yoga. I’ve done yoga casually for maybe 3-4 years, but over the past 6 months I’ve been really digging into my practice not just for the physical benefits, but the mental ones. I do about an hour in the evenings before bed, and follow it up with a hot shower and some reading. Its THE BEST way to unwind, and it’s doing wonders for my achy joints, a lovely side effect of ulcerative colitis.

    I’ve started meditating regularly, too, as well as sitting down first thing in the morning to do some morning pages. I feel like when I tell people all this, I sound like a whack job hippie, but I see the benefits big time. And I don’t mind being a little bit of a hippie! Namaste, baby!

    Oh, and I would totally be in if you organize a yoga/writing retreat, especially if it’s in the northeast somewhere (which I assume it would be since you live in this part of the country).

    Love the tumblr title, btw 🙂

    • That sounds like such a yummy way to wind down at the end of the day. I got a bolster and a book on restorative yoga poses for different ailments as Christmas gifts. And some yoga nidra CDs, too. I’m hoping that incorporating these into my evening ritual will help with the insomnia.

      And I love that you meditate regularly. It’s hard as hell to meditate, but I’ve been reading more about it (just finished Stephen Cope’s The Wisdom of Yoga), and would like to start working on that, too. Nothing wrong with being a hippie! 😉

  2. I like the part where you say “more consistent income.” Way to go!

    There was a great retreat called the Yoga of Writing in New Mexico…I went with a writer friend three years ago and it was fabulous. But I looked the instructor up just now and it looks like she’s not doing it anymore.

    Love the idea of a new yoga retreat for word nerds…please post about it when you do it!

    • I definitely want to speak to others who have planned retreats in the past, and check out itineraries from other, similar retreats. Time for me to do my homework!

  3. I’m just reading this now and I LOVE IT. Mostly because we’re clearly twins. I got into yoga recently too and it’s completely changed my perspective on things. I’m calmer, stronger, more focused. I love everything about it. And, like you, have been considering doing teacher training! Wheeee!

    And, if you do the wrtier’s/yoga retreat when I’m back in the States then I’m totally there.

  4. What a great idea – a yoga and writing retreat! Though I’m down under in Oz, I’d be keen to take part. I find many yoga retreats are for more experienced, bendy people…so a focus on a retreat for experienced writers and beginner yogis would really float my boat.

    I’m still working full-time and juggling freelancing, but once I’m at home during the week I will definitely be developing my yoga. Oh heck, what kind of excuse is that? I should be doing more of it now! 😉

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