Meme #1: Yes, I Am a Booktard

Wowzers. I was totally tagged for two memes in one day. I feel so popular.

It’s perfect, too, because I’m not actually here today! I totally typed this up late last night, all cracked out on a full day of work (three days’ worth, stockpiled because of my mini-vacation) and daydreaming about the potato chips my husband would eventually bring home for me. It’s way easier to put together a meme or two than to put together a coherent and well-thought-out post!

The first one is courtesy of JR, and is designed to either humiliate you or make you seem smarter based upon the contents of your bookshelf. The rules:

1. Grab one of the books closest to you, go to page 56, and type the fifth line (as well as the following few lines).

2. Pick five bookworms to subject this meme to.

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