Product Placement: Laptop Sets Me Free


I’ll admit it.

I only wanted my husband to get his laptop fixed so that I would never have to leave the cozy safety of my bed ever again.

I loved propping up several pillows behind my back, setting up the small breakfast-in-bed tray, and writing, tweeting, and surfing Etsy to my heart’s content. It was relaxing, and appealed to my inherent laziness.

So it drove me crazy that he was taking his sweet old time replacing his laptop’s defunct power cable.

Then he presented me with an early birthday gift, and suddenly the possibility afforded by mobility seemed limitless!

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Product Placement: Laptop Bags That Cost More Than Your Laptop

laptop bag red

Or at least they cost more than my old laptop…the one I picked up at a computer show a few years ago for a couple hundred bucks. I recently got rid of that thing, and just borrow my husband’s from time to time, but I still have a thing for sleek and functional laptop bags.

The one above is $285. After the jump. another gorgeous bag I can’t afford, and don’t even need:

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