Quick Tip for Sweet Dreams

I feel only semi-conscious today. Last night, Lusa went wild, systematically knocking the objects on my dresser onto the floor, playing with plastic bags and bubble wrap, running wildly across the bed every time I had finally found sleep and, worst of all, flinging her body across my pillow and tangling her claws in my hair (ouch!). I didn’t get much sleep.

Aside from crazy cats, the only other things that typically keep me up are my racing thoughts.

I’m usually masterminding projects, going through my mental to-do list, worrying about deadlines, worrying about bills, driving myself to the edge of lunacy as I toss and turn…

A quick tip? Keep a notebooks and pen beside the bed, using it to write up tomorrow’s to-do list before sleepytime, or jot down stuff as it comes to you. Or, if you prefer, get yourself a digital voice recorder. I have this one.

Get out all those to-dos and other thoughts swirling around your head, and get to sleep.

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