Shameless Self-Promotion: How Marriage Got Me Out of Debt

I must admit, I don’t pitch nearly as much as I should, as I’ve let myself become so distracted by my blogging, but here is proof that I do, in fact, write other things.

Tango magazine has run my story about the desperate measures I took to get myself out of debt, with my marriage as the catalyst that finally forced me to get my finances under control.

Aaaand, on a completely different note, they’ve run my story on what not to do at a sex party.

God, I never would’ve known these had gone up if someone hadn’t e-mailed me with congratulations.


  1. I had gone through your article and really liked the steps of how to stay debt free when you are married.

  2. Great article. As a newly married woman with some credit problems of my own, it really speaks to me. It really is an every minute struggle to live without credit cards, but it will be worth it when I’m debt free. 🙂

  3. neonfoxtongue says:

    Great article – congrats!
    (I’ll read the sex party one when I’m not at work.)

    My husband and I are also tackling our money issues – though the roles are reversed for us. I pay off my credit cards each month, but can be a bit too miserly with money; he had some debt, hates discussing money and has daily Starbucks cravings he trying to conquer. Right now, our goal is to discuss our finances and spending in non-emotional ways. We’re scheduling twice monthly ‘money chats’ so we know where we are financially and can ensure that the bills will be paid. We keep emotions neutral and try our best to see the other’s point of view on our spending. The money chats are also a good time to make decisions about joint-spending – e.g. how much will be spend on so-and-so’s wedding gift, should we get tickets to that play we keep meaning to see, etc. I’m hoping to make this a part of our routine and help my guy get over his avoidance of money issues and help me to be a bit more generous with myself and others spending-wise.

  4. Thanks everyone! Reining in my spending has been an act of extreme restraint, and it’s especially tough when my copies of Lucky and Domino show up in my mailbox! Oh, how I long for an updated winter wardrobe…I need to keep reminding myself that my desire for a house is even stronger.

    @neonfoxtongue: Kudos on your monthly money chats! Finances can be a sore subject, and it’s interesting to see how other couples proactively manage things.


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