Coffee Break: Let’s Passively Make More $ While We Drink Our Coffee

Things have been looking up here, finance-wise, despite the fact that I still haven’t found another regular gig. I’ve gotten three new clips, with a fourth on the way, and also talked my way into a bit of a “raise.” Huzzah!

It’s not enough, of course, which is why I read the following two blog posts with such interest:

Back in August, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger posted about 10 Ways to Make Money BECAUSE of Your Blog. I bookmarked the post because I felt it was so rich with money-making ideas, such as consulting, writing a book, speaking, and more.

And just this past week, Josh Catone posted about 12 Killer Ways to Make Extra Income on the Web, over at Sitepoint. He suggests such things as becoming an expert on, selling your photos to stock photography sites, and more.

Put together, there’s definitely a lot of food for thought between these two blog posts.

How do you make extra income, as an offshoot of your main area of work?


  1. Just wondering how much passive income has come your way in the last five days? I haven’t had much success. 🙂

    Seriously, though, it’s always good to review your business operation and look for other avenues for an income stream. Although my business emphasis is on accessible web design, I am starting to consider how to branch out into search engine optimization.

    Although many folks who deal with SEO are really just using blue smoke and mirrors, a properly designed and coded website can be search engine friendly as part of the standard design process. I would like to leverage this to my advantage and also add an addtional SEO component to my business.

  2. @David: ha! I’ll admit, I haven’t yet taken many steps to passively making more money (though I *have,* inexplicably, been drinking more coffee). I applaud your proactivity, and urge everyone to do as *you* do.

  3. I’ve been using eHow for passive income and it’s been working out pretty well for me so far. I just started a new site, too, writing about relationships and sex since that’s what my most popular articles are about anyway.

  4. @jen: Ah, yes. Even on Nerve’s Modern Materialist, the most highly trafficked posts are the sexy ones. I suppose it’s old news, though, that sex sells.

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