1. Something for the plus column:

    Support and Understanding.
    One of the challenges I am facing is actually my fiance. It’s taken quite a while for her to accept the fact that working from home does not equate to doing the housework! Being a freelancer himself your husband will be in a better position to understand and support you.

  2. Girl, although my fiance is an attorney and not a freelancer, I FEEL your pain and fears about financial survival. Especially the part about feeling guilty that your hubby is the breadwinner at the moment. Right now, my fiance is keeping us afloat financially as I try to get past my own rough patch (sometimes I wonder why I elected to quit my FT corporate job and go freelance in the middle of an economic recession… sigh).

    When does your hubby want to take the leap into freelancing? Is there any way he can work for a few more months and save–just enough to develop a nest egg of sorts–and THEN take the plunge?

    Fingers are crossed for you both!

  3. Haha, I think I got a little bit ahead of myself. A few months was an exaggeration I’m thinking. Maybe a year or 2 is more like it. I have to see how our first few projects pan out.

  4. @Marc: Amen to that! I actually did up a post on just that about a week or two ago:

    @Rachel: Mark my words. This leap will not be taken without the proper preparation. 🙂 I’m too scared and he’s too cautious.

    @Mike: Thank God.

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