February 2010 Monthly Goal Meetup

Lordy, it’s shaping up to be quite the month. Things at YourTango continue to get even busier (who knew that was possible?), and my ongoing copywriting project soldiers on. I’m also leading a team in Freelance Success‘s biannual Query Challenge, and I spent yesterday doing some market research at Barnes & Noble, and sending out query letters and LOIs. I’m loving my team. They’re so…motivated. It’s gonna be a trip to keep up with them!

But let’s hold off on February for the moment. How did I do last month?

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Link Love: January 24, 2010

I seem to be pulling out of that slump I was in for the past couple of weeks with my at-home freelance work. My copywriting is going faster, and easier, and I’m also feeling fired up for Freelance Success‘s regular query challenge, which starts tomorrow, and for which I’m actually a team leader (talk about accountability…). On top of all that, I’m loving my part-time, on-site job more and more every day (which happens to make life — and my commute — a lot less gloomy). How is everyone else weathering the long winter?

Okay, okay. I know what you’re here for. This week’s link love:

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January 2010 Monthly Goal Meetup

Well here we are. Another month (and…erm…an extra week) gone by. Time to face the music. ::winces::

Last month’s goals:

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December Monthly Goal Meetup

I am sitting in bed with my laptop right now, desperately fighting the urge to take a nap, as I have an essay revision due today. The perfect time for our monthly goal meetup? Maybe it’ll get me in the writing mood. [Read more…]

November Monthly Goal Meetup

I learned one important thing from last month’s goal meetup. Namely, that goals are constantly changing. Which is not to excuse my dismal performance, but I just wanted to warn you…

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October Monthly Goal Meet-Up

monthly goal

In the weeks since Brazen Careerist launched their new and improved site, I’ve discovered anew how fabulous it can be to have a dedicated network of bloggers all gathered in one place. Several posts of mine have been featured on the site, bringing greater traffic to my blog. I’ve been learning about new blogs, and meeting new bloggers. And then there are the groups.

Which brings us to this post. Rebecca Thorman of Modite recently created the Monthly Goal Meet-Up Group, in which members post about the next month’s goals on their blogs, and then look back at how they did the month before. After the post goes live, they then head on over to the group page and post a link back to their blog. It’s a way to be held accountable, and also a means of keeping on track with your own self-expectations.

So here it is. My first monthly meet-up post:

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Making Goals Manageable in the New Year

My goals for the new year?

To focus less on blogging and more on publishing independent pieces in additional online and print publications.

To save up the money for a career coaching certification program.

To stop worrying about money.

To fit into my jeans again.

Lofty and admirable goals all, not to mention unimaginably daunting.

How can I set the right goals for 2009…the types of goals I can actually accomplish?

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Setting Business Goals: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

We’ve talked a lot about how to take the steps necessary to switch careers and/or start your own business, but it occurs to me that some of you may not have the clearest idea of exactly what type of business you’d like to start, or what product, skill, or expertise you’re interested in selling.

This is completely normal. Our imaginations seize on a vague idea or activity and, all of a sudden, our brains are running at breakneck speed, eager to follow a dream that is hazier than we realize. It’s no wonder that starting a business can feel so confusing and overwhelming.

After the jump, I outline the 3 questions you should ask yourself when attempting to solidify a distinct career path.

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