Why I Turned Up My Nose At The Kindle

A dramatic reenactment of my childhood...

Back in October and November, family members started fishing for Christmas gift ideas, despite the fact that I already had an Amazon Wish List that was four pages long.

“Are you still against getting an e-reader?” asked my sister-in-law, as she showed off her Kindle in its pretty pink case with the built-in book light. “What do you think about the Nook versus the Kindle?” asked my brother, later admitting that he was trying to get a feel for whether or not he should buy me one or the other.

I fiddled with my SIL’s Kindle, admitting that it was pretty neat… yet not for me. I told my brother about what I’d read on sites like Gizmodo and Engadget, and then declared my intention to avoid e-readers altogether. I tried to explain why I wanted to keep buying books, despite the fact that I was struggling with a lack of shelf space. I waved my hands around, trying to convey something indefinable, mentioning things like smell and wraparound bookshelves.

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How Writing Forced Me Out of My Comfort Zone

I’ll admit it. Most days, you have to pry me away from the computer screen with a crowbar. I flourish before its dull glow, pretending bravery with every word I type. It’s my safe space. It’s my livelihood. It’s my everything.

People terrify me. It’s why I became a writer. It’s the best way I know of to connect.

But writing can also push you out there. Take you out of your comfort zone. Give you the opportunity to try new things. And — conveniently — this is where the best writing comes from.

This past weekend was more action-packed than it’s been in awhile. In fact, it’s probably the most I’ve been away from a computer screen in eons. It wasn’t my fault, though! I blame the writing.

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Come See Me Maybe Barf And Pass Out In Public!

Why have I embraced writing so fully? Perhaps because I’m just better in writing. And because I have major social anxiety. And I’m an introvert with reclusive tendencies. And I have a history of passing out in front of large groups of people.

Seriously. During one book presentation in high school, I literally saw my world go gray. And during a choir rehearsal, I full-on passed out. I had been standing on the second level of a set of risers and, when my head hit the floor (just narrowly missing the corner of the piano), my choir director actually thought the risers were collapsing!

So when my senior editor at YourTango asked if I would be interested in reading at their lit crawl event this year, I was equal parts excited and balls-out horrified.

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Link Love: January 24, 2010

I seem to be pulling out of that slump I was in for the past couple of weeks with my at-home freelance work. My copywriting is going faster, and easier, and I’m also feeling fired up for Freelance Success‘s regular query challenge, which starts tomorrow, and for which I’m actually a team leader (talk about accountability…). On top of all that, I’m loving my part-time, on-site job more and more every day (which happens to make life — and my commute — a lot less gloomy). How is everyone else weathering the long winter?

Okay, okay. I know what you’re here for. This week’s link love:

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