February 2010 Monthly Goal Meetup

Lordy, it’s shaping up to be quite the month. Things at YourTango continue to get even busier (who knew that was possible?), and my ongoing copywriting project soldiers on. I’m also leading a team in Freelance Success‘s biannual Query Challenge, and I spent yesterday doing some market research at Barnes & Noble, and sending out query letters and LOIs. I’m loving my team. They’re so…motivated. It’s gonna be a trip to keep up with them!

But let’s hold off on February for the moment. How did I do last month?

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December Monthly Goal Meetup

I am sitting in bed with my laptop right now, desperately fighting the urge to take a nap, as I have an essay revision due today. The perfect time for our monthly goal meetup? Maybe it’ll get me in the writing mood. [Read more…]

PSA: NJ Blogger/Web Designer Meetup

For all you New Jerseyans out there, tonight is the first NJ Blogger/Web Designer Meetup of the New Year.

My husband has succeeded in convincing me to go with him. This is mostly because the meetup takes place at Panera Bread (in Fair Lawn, NJ), and I could really go for broccoli & cheddar soup in a bread bowl. And those chips.

If you’re in there area, I’d love to see you there!