GQueues: Making It Easier for Me To Run My Life on Google

A few weeks ago, I read a blog post over at Zen Habits about going Google-free. Leo’s post proposed that it could be dangerous to give all of your information to, and rely so heavily on, one corporation.

While I found the post interesting, I obviously have no such reservations about allowing Google to run my life. I rely heavily on Google Search throughout the work day (in fact, I just used Google’s blog search function in order to track down Leo’s post so that I could link to it here). I keep track of all of my blog subscriptions with Google Reader. And, when researching practice management services the other month, I came to the conclusion that it would be most cost-effective (aka “free”) to run my business using a mix of Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.

And now, there’s GQueues.

GQueues is like the perfect offspring of Ta-da Lists (which I’d sort of gotten lazy about updating) and (which I was using as a reminder service for paying my bills, but which closed down last month). It’s not a Google product, but was created using the Google App Engine platform. I use it to create various to-do lists. It’s perfect, because it integrates with my Google Calendar, and allows me to set up e-mail alerts. It’s simple, but it’s also everything I need. (Seriously. I want to make babies with it.)

You can do so much more with it if you so choose. You can share your lists with others. Add tasks to your to-do lists from your task bar, using the GQueues bookmarklet. Tag your queues. Assign projects and tasks to others…

GQueues recently came out of Beta (which was completely free), and added a paid option. At just $25 a year, I think it’s totally worth it. But that’s just me. You should check it out!

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