Shameless Self-Promotion: My New Part-Time Gig


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A little over a year ago, I ceased working in the city after the NY Sun folded. It was almost a relief as, by that point, I loathed my commute so much I was having panic attacks. But once upon a time, back when I was working at the Feminist Press, I didn’t mind the commute so much, because I was just so darn excited to get to work every day. Amazingly, I think I may have found that reason for commuting again, in a part-time Assistant Editor job at YourTango.

I am wildly excited to head into the office next week for three reasons: [Read more…]

Shameless Self-Promotion: Two NY Pieces

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Hey there you guys. I thought I’d just quickly indulge in a little bit of shameless self-promotion by linking to my latest two published pieces.

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