When the World Is at Your Fingertips, Sometimes All You Want To Do Is Stay Home


I was totally planning on attending a networking event tonight. I had already RSVPd. I’d put it into my Google Calendar. I’d e-mailed the info to a few friends. Then I began losing momentum…

I was afraid to go alone. I didn’t feel like taking a bus into the city, especially during rush hour. My energy levels were low, anyway, and there was work I could get done if only I stayed at home.

I put on a dress in order to motivate myself. After all, who wants to waste a pretty dress by not leaving the house?

I took the dress off.

Then I noticed that I was having a good hair day. Could I possibly waste a good hair day by not leaving the house?

Yes. Yes I could.

If only I could find a networking group closer to home.

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