When the World Is at Your Fingertips, Sometimes All You Want To Do Is Stay Home


I was totally planning on attending a networking event tonight. I had already RSVPd. I’d put it into my Google Calendar. I’d e-mailed the info to a few friends. Then I began losing momentum…

I was afraid to go alone. I didn’t feel like taking a bus into the city, especially during rush hour. My energy levels were low, anyway, and there was work I could get done if only I stayed at home.

I put on a dress in order to motivate myself. After all, who wants to waste a pretty dress by not leaving the house?

I took the dress off.

Then I noticed that I was having a good hair day. Could I possibly waste a good hair day by not leaving the house?

Yes. Yes I could.

If only I could find a networking group closer to home.

Despite completely insulting “jokes” about NJ’s status as the armpit of the northeast, it seems that one can find totally respectable networking events there.

Which means that your odds are probably even better. Especially if you do a search on one of these sites:

Craigslist: I like Craigslist. It has a page for New Jersey. Not only that, but it even has separate pages for Central Jersey, the Jersey Shore, North Jersey, and South Jersey. NYC, eat your heart out. Search for your own geographic area. Then, follow the links for “groups” or “events” (listed under “Community”) to see what’s going on in your neighborhood. If things seem slow, feel free to suggest or start your own group or event.

EventBrite: This site is like an Evite for networkers and professionals. One can plan and prevent events here — and even search for events by location and keyword.

Ladies Who Launch: Here’s one for the ladies. The site is a hub of information and resources for female entrepreneurs, and it also allows you to search for events by geographic location. Events are scattered, but it’s still well worth checking out of you’re looking to connect with like-minded, oh-so-awesome women.

LinkedIn: I know, I know. I should be using LinkedIn to build my professional network. Everyone else is. Guys. It’s tough enough balancing the blogging and the Twitter. But don’t follow my example. LinkedIn has a great Events feature now, browsable by keyword and location.

MediaBistro: While the bulletin boards at mediabistro only have location-specific sections for the major cities, it is possible to connect closer to home by searching their media events by state, type, and keyword.

Meetup: Can’t find the group for you, despite a thorough search by topic and location? You can easily start your own Meetup group. The only catch? Group leaders are now required to pay: either $19 for one month, $45 for three months, or $72 for six months.

NetParty: On NetParty, you can find business and social networking events for young professionals. If you don’t see your city on their list, you can suggest it to them, in order to aid them in planning future events.

Twitter: I know that you’re sick of hearing about Twitter but, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m on it, and I use it heavily. I’ve previously blogged over at TwiTip on taking your Twitter networking from online to in-the-flesh. Now, planning tweetups — or searching for already-existing ones — is even easier with twitvite.

Are there any resources I’m leaving out? (Maybe that’s the reason I’m sitting home alone.) If so, please do leave a comment!

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