PSA: Freelancedom Updates

Hey everybody! I just wanted to let you know about some updates I made to Freelancedom over the weekend.

Aside from some minor visual tweaks, my husband has created a new logo for me (let me know what you think about the subhead!), and also figured out how to install what I feel is a much nicer-looking forum. (Honestly, I would have the most hideous blog ever if I wasn’t married to a web developer.) I’d love it if we could start taking some of our conversations from the comments sections to there. I think it would provide us with a great opportunity to get to know one another a little better! You’ll find a link at the top of the page.

I have also updated the About page, and added a Hire Me page, where you can read all about my awesome copy editing and blogging skills, and then pay me money to, um, do that kind of stuff for you.

How do you like my changes?

I’m going to attempt to get another post up here today, but my Internet is working so. slowly. because of the snowstorm. I’m already considering taking a Modern Materialist snow day. But we’ll see. Until later…


  1. The site changes look great. I am on the fence about forums though. As nice as it is to have a gathering place where everyone can come into one room (instead of multiple rooms like in the comments on a blog), there are so many forums out there and each one has a log in and a password. Just my opinion. I tried doing the forum thing for a while but after trying to keep up with 5 or so, I just lost interest.

    Why do you like forums?

  2. You’re totally right, Sal. I’m still not sure the forums are going to work. I just love the idea of having a community of freelancers who can lean on each other, rant to each other, give tips to each other…I’ve always loved the mediabistro forums, but felt they were skewed toward full-timers.

    I’d like to give it a shot for at least a few months and see whether or not it remains a ghost town or magically becomes…something more. We’ll see!

  3. Hey Steph. LOVE the new look. Very clean, cool, and contemporary. Nicely done! (Thank goodness of HTML-savvy hubby, huh!?) 🙂

  4. Thanks Rachel! I thank my lucky stars that I can get professional-level design work done for free.

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