What To Do With Tax Returns


Ah, Tax Day. We’ve made it (but just barely).

Now it’s time to figure out how to spend the returns.

Just the other day, Michael and I fought over whether to roll our returns forward in order to cover our upcoming quarterly tax payments, or to invest in a career coaching certification program for moi.

Obviously, the latter choice was my idea and, obviously, he won. That’s the infuriating thing about marriage: Suddenly, you have to start living as a “we” instead of a “me.”

Just for fun, some alternate spending options to consider:

  • throw that money directly into a savings account for future office rental costs, that shiny new invoicing software, etc. That Stanhope Desk isn’t going to pay for itself.
  • pay down all that debt incurred by (totally necessary) startup costs.
  • start planning for your retirement (optimism!).
  • sign up for a class or five; it’s never too late to learn something new.
  • take some vacation days; you work too hard.
  • outsource all the worst of your work.
  • buy something pretty.

How are you spending your tax returns?


  1. Just wait until kids figure into your tax return. I spent a part on one of the monthly installments of my 22 year old son’s college tuition. I bought new shoes and new clothes for the two boys still living at home. I did manage to buy myself a jacket and the 22 year old daughter a Vera Bradley curling iron case – didn’t know they even existed.

  2. @Nicki: I shudder to think what state my finances will be in when I start having children in a few years. But I suppose it’s a testament to the maternal drive that I still think it will be worth it. 🙂

    Oh, and I just looked up Vera Bradley curling iron cases, as I was unaware that curling irons even required cases! Then again, I’m the type of person who gets her makeup at ShopRite.

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