Link Love: October 17

What a week.

On Monday, I braved a bus ride into the city in order to interview for a sweet-sounding part-time gig with a web magazine I’ve always admired. Both the office environment and the job description were even more compelling than I had expected, leading me to wonder: Could this be the perfect part-time gig to get me back on my feet? Or am I allowing myself to be seduced by a job that used to be my dream? And, more importantly, could I manage this job while still keeping up with my career coaching studies?

I also had my first mentor coaching call on Wednesday, which I was way excited for. We used the time to brainstorm additional ways of achieving the sixth item on my list of October goals. I also learned that live teleclasses for my coaching program would become available starting in November. Score!

Other than that, I spent a nail biting few days waiting for a one-month-late paycheck to go through. It made me even more determined to find additional sources of income.

All this is to say, I’ve been feeling a bit too distracted to get much reading done this week, but here’s the best of what I’ve seen:

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