One Quick Tip for Revitalizing Your Writing Life

creative nonfictionThose who have been reading this blog for the past, um, forever know I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump.

I’ve been feeling burnt out on the same old same old, lusting after lit mag credits, and wondering how to find a balance between the two.

As a result, I just slowly… stopped… trying. I maintained the work I already had, but stopped looking for something new. This has led to terrible, horrible, no good, very bad bank account balances.

Then, like flicking a switch, the ASJA conference sparked something in me.

Suddenly, I felt inspired. I felt motivated. And, almost like magic, things started picking up again. [Read more…]

Spill It: What’s On Your Magazine Bucket List?

After resigning from YourTango, and before my time there was even up, I started making plans.

I secured a writing partner who could keep me accountable as I worked my way through several information products. I invested in some educational materials, and a new resume, in the interest of building my business. I even got some professional head shots done up.

All of these were things that would help me earn money in the long run.

But short-term? The best thing I did was to set a weekly query goal for myself, and to start meeting that goal even before I’d left my part-time, permalance gig.

The results? Though I’m only about three weeks into my post-YourTango life, I’ve already secured seven magazine assignments, snagged one rush copy editing project, am in talks regarding three, large ebook projects, and have been invited to lunch by a magazine editor at a national magazine.

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Link Love: January 17, 2010

I hope you’ll forgive the lack of original content around here lately. I’ve been looking for a way to get my freelance groove back but, for the moment, it eludes me. This is partly because I’m enjoying my office job so much. I’m really into the work they’re giving me, and I’m allowing it to spill into my at-home life (naughty, naughty). I’ve also been feeling groggy, and blocked when it comes to the big copywriting project I’m working on. When I’m writing something good, I can feel it. My pulse races. I’m totally psyched. And it’s fairly easy for me to whip up a first draft. But lately, it’s been like pulling teeth, and this makes me nervous. I feel as if I can’t force it but, at the same time, it needs to get done. Soon. Any advice for me?

But that’s not what you’re here for! This past week’s link love:

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