Shameless Self-Promotion: How Marriage Got Me Out of Debt

I must admit, I don’t pitch nearly as much as I should, as I’ve let myself become so distracted by my blogging, but here is proof that I do, in fact, write other things.

Tango magazine has run my story about the desperate measures I took to get myself out of debt, with my marriage as the catalyst that finally forced me to get my finances under control.

Aaaand, on a completely different note, they’ve run my story on what not to do at a sex party.

God, I never would’ve known these had gone up if someone hadn’t e-mailed me with congratulations.

Coffee Break: Becoming Money in the Bank

coffee break

My husband battled his fears of eventual bankruptcy by supporting my decision to leave my staff job and pursue freelancing full-time. And when I succeeded in bringing in my former staffer income within half a year as a freelancer, I sort of wanted to wiggle my butt and point and scream “In! Your! Face!”

The only thing that kept me from doing so was the knowledge that I still had a lot of debt to manage…debt that I probably should have taken care of before leaving my job.

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