Link Love: November 7

I just finished my first week sans Nerve and, so far, it’s been good. I’ve thrown myself into new projects, and have found myself breezing through them with even greater efficiency. Which hasn’t left much time for outside reading, but:

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Frustratingly, Making Career Decisions Is Not All About What’s Best For You


Career dissatisfaction has been creating a lot of tension in my marriage lately. While my husband has been struggling to build a web business on top of his full-time job — leaving little opportunity for us to spend quality time together — my freelance work has languished, causing my hubby to feel even more pressure to earn. [Read more…]

Shameless Self-Promotion: How Marriage Got Me Out of Debt

I must admit, I don’t pitch nearly as much as I should, as I’ve let myself become so distracted by my blogging, but here is proof that I do, in fact, write other things.

Tango magazine has run my story about the desperate measures I took to get myself out of debt, with my marriage as the catalyst that finally forced me to get my finances under control.

Aaaand, on a completely different note, they’ve run my story on what not to do at a sex party.

God, I never would’ve known these had gone up if someone hadn’t e-mailed me with congratulations.