Want Freelance Success? Watch Your Health

At the beginning of June, I started ghostwriting an ebook with a very aggressive timeline. I didn’t take on many other projects during that time, aside from a blog post here and there, and some copyediting work. I also didn’t take breaks for lunch. I stopped going on my afternoon walks. My topless living room yoga sessions became far less regular. And I ate a lot of takeout Chinese.

Finishing that project (the last of the edits were completed in mid-August) was like coming up for air. It was freeing, but I also felt burnt out and unmotivated. I lost all momentum. For weeks, I did the bare minimum, telling myself I’d get back in the saddle after “that trip” or “that holiday weekend.” But I never did.

Then I started making yoga a bigger part of my life* and, suddenly, I was able to jump into new coaching work, start singing funerals again, and write a book proposal. Magic? Not quite. [Read more…]

Marrying for the Money

wedding rings.

Both Jezebel and the Freelancers Union recently linked to this New York Times article on people marrying (or divorcing) in order to get health insurance.

As one who is perpetually thankful for her hubby’s fabulous health insurance (it’s simple existence allowed me to follow my freelance dreams), I find this article especially relevant, for me and for all freelancers.

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