The Infinite Wisdom of Others: Michael Auteri

Hey guys! Welcome to a new weekly (fingers crossed) series, The Infinite Wisdom of Others, in which I e-interview other freelancers and small business owners about how they do what they do.

If you enjoy what you see here, please do consider participating yourself.

Kicking things off is my husband, Michael Auteri, a copywriter by day, web designer by night (and weekends):

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How To Avoid Flubbing Your Phone Interview

Just the other day, I received quite the happy e-mail. It was from an employment agency, specializing in the creative fields, through which I had applied to two permalance editor gigs. They thought that my work was “dead on,” and were wondering if I would be around that afternoon for a phone interview. After doing a happy dance, I responded that I would be home all day long, and then set up drawing up some notes, based upon questions they might ask me.

While I was in the midst of this, I received a response to my response. [Agency Guy] will be calling you shortly.


I was unprepared. I was straight out of the shower, and with a head of wet hair, which wasn’t the most comfortable feeling in my chilly apartment. And I already knew that phone interviews weren’t my strong suit. (Speaking in general isn’t my strong suit; that’s why I became a writer.)

Of course I was dissatisfied with the course my phone interview took. How could I not be? What should I have done to ace that interview?

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