PSA: Nerve’s New Look


I’ve been a bit distracted for the past month, so I thought I’d share why.

The other month, (the site I do most of my work for) got itself a new CEO, and he immediately set about brainstorming how to whip things into shape.

Changes were discussed, and I lived in a state of high anxiety for weeks, unsure whether or not my main source of income would eventually be kaput. Finally, I was tasked with telling my bloggers that soon, the Modern Materialist (Nerve’s products blog) would be no more.

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Shameless Self-Promotion: Dating Advice From…Engineers

Check out my latest over at Nerve!

While some may think it counterintuitive to ask nerdy engineer-types for dating advice, I have dated quite a number of them, and can assure you that they are goofy, fun, sincere, and effing hot. Some of their responses for this piece gave me quite the chuckle.