Freelancedom and Moral Ambiguity


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It can be tough to make money when you have a conscience.

Over the weekend, I asked tweeters whether they thought their feelings toward a manuscript’s subject matter subconsciously affected the way in which they edited it. I was slogging my way through a particularly arduous manuscript, and the contents weren’t helping matters. “You’re getting a paycheck,” my husband told me when I complained.

True enough. But have you ever found yourself turning down a project because of personal biases? Or turning down advertising dollars or freebies because you couldn’t bring yourself to endorse a profuct or service?

After the jump, various sources of freelance-y moral crossroads:

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Coffee Break: Freelancing and Freebies

Earlier this week, I got to try out the Keyboard for Blondes. Tonight, I’m having people over for pizza and premixed shots, also for the purpose of review. Some other test drive products in my queue? Bacon-related products, like canned bacon, Baconnaise, and bacon-flavored lip gloss. Anti-muffin top underpants for men. Flying Wish Paper.

Just for shits and giggles…what’s the kookiest book or other product you’ve received for review in the line of duty?