10 Side Jobs for Freelancers


I’ve always been a firm believer in the idea that a bad economy shouldn’t doom a freelance career, as long as you’re doing the hustle.

Apparently, I’m not hustling enough.

My income first took a hit when the New York Sun folded almost a year ago, and was hit again when Nerve.com revamped their site about a month ago. Despite several copy editing projects and magazine assignments (both in print and online), my income has failed to recover.

Which is why I’m researching additional sources of supplementary income. After the jump, I share 10 side job ideas for freelancers:

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Side Jobs: Go Back To School


Since money became especially tight about four months ago, my mother has been suggesting that I become a substitute teacher. My response? I’m the type of person who can’t even control 4-year-olds. An entire classroom full of any age would eat me alive.

Still, as far as side jobs go, teaching is a good one for freelancers, and I don’t mean subbing. Those who teach classes and workshops in their area of expertise can bring in a good amount of extra cash, in addition to extending their brand, establishing themselves as an expert in their field.

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