Coffee Break: Tricks for Self-Motivation

coffee break

At the moment, my friend Christina is struggling with doing up her grad school apps, and preparing for the GREs. The biggest problem? Motivation.

I think we can all understand that (or am I the only one with a penchant for procrastination?).

The thing she’s doing that I find absolutely brilliant is that she’s using FutureMe as a self-motivating tool, sending herself messages that list what she hopes she’s accomplished by then.

I use Ta-da List to list what I need to get done, but it doesn’t periodically nudge me, which is probably something I’d benefit from. If you need a nudge, check out the links after the jump, and then let us now how you keep yourself motivated, whether you reward yourself with a cup of coffee (or six) or celebrate your accomplishments with a night on the town.

remember the milk logo.

remember the milk:

What can you do on this site? Set due dates for important tasks. Receive reminders via e-mail, SMS, and instant message. Create lists, task clouds, etc. Map out (literally) task locations. Schedule your day. … Dude! Why haven’t I been using this thing!?

pingme logo.


Want something a bit simpler? You can use pingme to send yourself reminders via e-mail or text message.

wakerupper logo.


wakerupper is similar to pingme, but is for telephone alerts only.

hassleme logo.


Ah, this one makes me chortle. You know those tasks that keep reappearing on your to-do list, day after day, without getting done? On HassleMe, you can set up a reminder message that will then be sent to you via e-mail multiple times, at “semi-unpredictable intervals.”


Okay. This last one isn’t exactly a tool, per se, but it is an invaluable blog that constantly informs readers of the newest applications and downloads that can make your life easier.

Okay, go to it guys. Let me know what keeps you motivated.


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