Resource Roundup: 4 Time Management Applications


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Since scheduling my days into blocks of time dedicated to specific projects, I’ve been much more productive (we’ll discount the latter half of May for a multitude of reasons…), miraculously finishing up projects that had previously kept on falling to the bottom of my list of priorities.


While I have my personal schedule stored only in my noggin, on my weaker days (like that day I got sucked into a Tales from the Darkside marathon after sitting in front of the TV for a lunch break), I probably could have benefited from some sort of time management application.

Because I hope you can succeed where I have failed, I present to you 4 time tracking applications that will help you stay on…well…track:

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Coffee Break: Tricks for Self-Motivation

coffee break

At the moment, my friend Christina is struggling with doing up her grad school apps, and preparing for the GREs. The biggest problem? Motivation.

I think we can all understand that (or am I the only one with a penchant for procrastination?).

The thing she’s doing that I find absolutely brilliant is that she’s using FutureMe as a self-motivating tool, sending herself messages that list what she hopes she’s accomplished by then.

I use Ta-da List to list what I need to get done, but it doesn’t periodically nudge me, which is probably something I’d benefit from. If you need a nudge, check out the links after the jump, and then let us now how you keep yourself motivated, whether you reward yourself with a cup of coffee (or six) or celebrate your accomplishments with a night on the town.

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