Coffee Break: My Dream Office

I spoke too soon! My new wireless adapter has wreaked havoc, malfunctioning and eventually causing my computer to self-destruct. I am…not happy (to put it mildly).

Tonight will include another trip to the tech-type store, to buy a network card and a cable allowing me to directly connect to the Internet. Finally!

All this grappling with my home office equipment has started me daydreaming about what else (like, besides a cable) I’d like for my dream office. I already have my ideal office chair, but there are a few other things I wouldn’t mind picking up (or being gifted…hint hint…):

  1. Stanhope Desk, $5,950, Williams-Sonoma
  2. White Bin Bulletin Board, $99, The Land of Nod (and no, I don’t care that it’s from a children’s store)
  3. frames…($6.99, Target)
  4. …for my Andy Warhol prints (Amazon)
  5. Office Designs Desk Organizer, $79, Ballard Designs
  6. Stripes Stockholm Magazine File, $7.99, The Container Store (I need a ton of these; I save back issues to flip through when I’m writing up pitches.)

What would be in your dream office?


  1. I salivate over this beast. Simplicity is key in my life 🙂

  2. I too am very simplistic with my office. I think all that I need is a great chair, which I already have, a simple desk, check, a storage cabinet (I have a file cabinet, but it has a bunch of other stuff in it so I need to get a new one) and perhaps a nice padfolio / calendar / planner thingie. I don’t know why, but I always dreamed of a huge office with a big window and all it had was a wooden desk, a couch, and a couple of leather chairs. Hmm.

  3. neonfoxtongue says:

    It will be a while (if ever) before hubby and I will have the space for separate home offices, but we’ll probably always have our own ‘puters. We’ll also always need space for my crafting and his music instruments and recording equipment. So I think one of these would be a great way to maximize a small space, while still letting us work on our various online and computer-related projects:

    Plus, it’s so pretty!

  4. I would like to have at least two different chairs in my workplace 🙂

  5. Perhaps we should all update our Christmas lists…though I have my doubts that anyone would pick up that Stanhope Desk for me.

    @neonfoxtongue: I saw that online the other day! It does look like quite the nice setup.

    @topcoder: I remember that, especially when I was working in a cubicle, having a chair for guests made things that much nicer.

    @JR & Sal: Ah, simplicity. Definitely something my living/work space lacks.


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