Product Placement: Can You Afford Comfort?

For the longest time, I was using one of the kitchen chairs in my home office, and it was not comfy. Later, I actually carried an old office chair — bound for the scrap heap — from my office in Manhattan to my home in New Jersey piece by piece. It was better than the kitchen chair, but not by much, My dream? The Aeron, pictured above. The problem? $1,255.

The solution?

The Realspace PRO, available at Office Depot for $299.99.


  1. […] about what else (like, besides a cable) I’d like for my dream office. I already have my ideal office chair, but there are a few other things I wouldn’t mind picking up (or being gifted…hint […]

  2. […] When we first moved into our condo, my husband and I decided to use the dining room space as an office and, for at least two years, we worked back-to-back, a large china cabinet at our elbows, my desk sandwiched between two litter boxes and a paper shredder, the only thing separating us from the TV/living room a standing room divider that often doubled as a drying rack. (At least I had my ergonomic chair.) […]

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