Product Placement: Can You Afford Comfort?

For the longest time, I was using one of the kitchen chairs in my home office, and it was not comfy. Later, I actually carried an old office chair — bound for the scrap heap — from my office in Manhattan to my home in New Jersey piece by piece. It was better than the kitchen chair, but not by much, My dream? The Aeron, pictured above. The problem? $1,255.

The solution?

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Product Placement: Desk Caddies

[$89, Room Service Home]

I’m a huge fan of organizational products, which is why I spend so much time in the Container Store, skipping from aisle to aisle, breathless with excitement and drooling over cabinets and bulletin boards.

(My runners-up? Staples and HomeGoods.)

Sometimes, though, I want the luxury version of my typical office supplies.

Which is why I’m currently hyperventilating over the desk caddies above, available from lustable online shop Room Service Home.

Product Placement: Thinking Outside the Cubicle

trapped in a box

Now that you’re outside the cubicle — that cheerless box that you would futilely attempt to personalize with pithy buttons purchased at Newbury Comics and artsy postcards — perhaps it’s time to indulge in a desk that really reflects your personality.

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Product Placement: Friend of the Cluttered Freelancer

clean workspace.

I’ve written about BlueLounge products several times before over at the Modern Materialist: here, here, and here. That’s because their products belie an invested interest in making our lives easier, mostly by attacking clutter at its root.

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